About us - Van Bommel Safaris
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Van Bommel Safaris is an independent travel agent for safari Africa.   If you are looking for something special, the real experience of Africa, then you’ve come to the right place.

Van Bommel Safaris is a trustworthy and dependable safari specialist for everyone who wants to make an individual tailor made safari trip to eastern or southern Africa. We also offer a wide range of photo safari trips.

Tailor made safaris need not to be expensive. Van Bommel Safaris is never more expensive than booking directly yourself.

Our concept

We make an appointment for a long telephone call. This can be in the morning, afternoon, or evening, weekdays or in the weekend. Whenever it suits you best, it doesn’t matter from what country you are, I will call. Only if you live in the Netherlands I prefer to a personal meeting with you.

After a comprehensive consultation which focuses on your wishes and needs, I’ll get to work for you and, with out any obligation to you, put together a bespoke itinerary. I will supply you with all the information you may need about your destination, the accommodation and activities. Wherever possible I will show you the day to day charges and fees. It may help you decide what does appeal to you and what doesn’t. At this stage, events, accommodations, and dates can still be changed around or even omitted altogether. Only after you are a 100% satisfied and agree to everything, do I start booking your safari.


What is important to Van Bommel Safaris

Van Bommel Safaris wants to show you safari Africa at its best. Therefore it is paramount to give you a correct and up to date advice so you can make the right choice for your tailor made safari. Reliable advice, a transparent pricing protocol, and an excellent service are part of our policy.

To be able to provide a good and substantiated safari advice it is indispensable to have a thorough knowledge of nature and of animal behaviour. Seasonal changes have an impact on where the animals are most likely to be and how easy they are to spot. The use of a good tracker of course can also make a great difference. Still, nobody can guarantee that you get to see all the animals that you had hoped to see, but with my knowledge of the characteristics of the various areas you’ll have the best realistic opportunities to get the most out of your safari. Van Bommel Safaris lets you experience and feel the real Africa; its hospitality, its culture and its nature, in a way that suits you best.


Jos van Bommel


My name is Jos van Bommel and I am a real safari lover. Ever year, since the year 2000, I travel for three to four months to safari Africa. All these journeys and my experience in the tourist business have made me a professional safari specialist

In 2009 I opened my own travel agency ‘Van Bommel Safaris’ for which I now work fulltime.  During my own private safari trips I have experienced the warm and heartfelt hospitality of Africa in many different ways. To expand my knowledge of African nature I have taken a ranger training course there.

Film and photography are two other great passions of mine. This led to me hosting photography trips in Africa and to giving photography safari workshops in Apeldoorn.

I have provided the promotional photographs for John Varty’s film ‘Leopard Queen’ on the website of the National Geographic Society. For their documentary ‘Brothers in Blood: the Lions of Sabi Sand’ the Discovery Channel also used my film material. As did National Geographic Wild for their ‘Caught in the Act’ part 7 and their ‘Africa’s Deadliest’.