Kenya - Van Bommel Safaris
Zuid Afrika is een zeer veelzijdig land dat op veel manieren bezocht kan worden. Zowel fantastisch voor safari als voor mensen die van het goede leven houden. Het wordt niet voor niets “de wereld in één land genoemd”. Zuid Afrika is ideaal voor een selfdrive maatwerk safari reis.
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Kenya is the cradle of safaris; follow the dust of the herds as they cross the savannas and experience the vastness of nature.

Kenya has got perfect safari regions such as Masai Mara, Amboseli, Laikipia and Samburu, where every safari traveller can spot an abundance of wild animals. In Nairobi you can visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and spend the night at Giraffe Manor. Masai Mara is Kenya’s most renowned safari destination. From around June until August, millions of animals cross the borders from Tanzania into Kenya, especially wildebeest but also herds of zebras and Thomson gazelles. They stay at Masai Mara until half October and then disappear across the border again. During this whole period in Kenya the herds are crossing the rivers multiple times. This is known at the famous wildebeest migration. But even outside his period Masai Mara is well worth visiting; it a lot less busy then, and the big cats remain there the year round. A tailor made safari to Kenya can be easily combined with a visit to Tanzania.

The most beautiful safari area of Kenya


Masai Mara

Driving across the vast plains you see clouds of dust at the horizon. Thousands of animals gather at the riverbanks. Pressure builds, and then the first animal jumps into the water……. During the migration in Masai Mara, millions of wildebeest, zebras and Thomson gazelles cross the Mara River. It offers a breathtaking spectacle that at times can turn dramatic. For the real lover of nature and wildlife, this is one of the ultimate safari experiences. It isn’t always easy to see a “perfect crossing”; sometimes it takes a bit of patience and a bit of luck. If a Mara-crossing is one of the main objects of your safari you do well to plan to stay in the area a little longer. Besides these big herds during the migration period, all year round in the Mara area you can find the “big cats”; lions, cheetahs, and leopards. Masai Mara provides all the ingredients for a perfect tailor made safari.

Kenya offers unique opportunities for your tailor made safari.


On a game drive with your guide, looking for the “big cats”.

The “Big Cats” of Masai Mara are legendary.

Even outside the migration season Masai Mara is a fantastic destination for a tailor made safari journey. Lions, leopards, and cheetahs are territorial predators and stay at the Mara year around. Once the migration is over, most tourists will be gone and the Mara becomes quiet again, giving you the opportunity to enjoy every sighting even more.


Follow the migration and watch the crossings at the Mara River

Follow the “wildebeest migration” also known as “the great trek” at Masai Mara.

During their stay at Masai Mara, millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles cross the Mara River numerous times; this offers spectacular scenes. Even if you’ll find many other safari jeeps at these locations, the migration remains a fantastic experience for every safari lover.


Fly from Nairobi or Tanzania directly into the Mara

Regular flights can bring you directly to your safari lodge.

Various safari areas in Kenya (and Tanzania) can easily be combined by using inland flights. This way you can follow the migration from Tanzania into Kenya without first having to fly to Nairobi. We are here to make your tailor made safari as comfortable as possible.

The migration: The “Crossings” of the Mare River are spectacular

Enjoy the theatrical splendour as you take the ultimate safari trip to Kenya’s Masai Mara. Photograph an abundance of wildlife and witness the annual migration of 1.9 million gnus. An amazing experience.

The best time for your tailor made safari to Kenya

From June until October is the time of the great migration. The dry seasons are from June until October and from December until March. In November there are often short showers in the afternoon. During the green season from March until May there is an abundance of young wildlife. Prices of lodges are also very favourable at that time of year.

Travel safety in Kenya

In the last few years, tourism in Kenya has suffered from political unrest and even terrorist attacks. Masai Mara luckily has never had any of these problems. Van Bommel Safari’s will always put the safety of its clients above everything else and is therefore reluctant in advising various other areas in Kenya.

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