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Van Bommel Safaris is very much ‘at home’ in the world of photo safaris and personally knows many world renowned, professional photographers. (all the photographs that can be seen on this website were all take by me.) This enables Van Bommel Safaris to offer a wide range of small scale photo safaris to the various safari countries in Africa.

Making good photos not only depends on one’s own talent but also depends on creating the best photo opportunities in the right environment. Van Bommel Safaris knows the best photo locations in the most photogenic safari areas en works together with world class professional wildlife photographers who can teach you all the ins and outs of nature and wildlife photography. Both day and night time photography will be covered extensively. Guides, especially trained in photography trips, can make the difference by knowing where and when to position the car to provide you with the most optimal photo opportunities. Especially constructed photo hides also offer unique opportunities. Van Bommel Safaris can offer photo safaris for any level of photographer, ranging from amateur to semi professional.

Photographic safaris at every level


Inspiring photography game drives

Safari photography from a game drive vehicle is ideal. Driving in a private game reserve with a guide, his tracker and an experienced photographer gives you the very best of opportunities to photograph wildlife. In the early morning and late afternoon the light is nice and soft and that gives great results. During twilight hours you may have to use a flash to get the best out of your photographs. Professional photographers are at hand to give you advice whenever you feel you need it. You will also be given the opportunity to do special evening photography in which these photographers are specialised, Using large spotlights two cars can, in turn, light up the animals from the rear or from the side. This play of light and shadow gives you the opportunity to make unique photographs.

Photography from the water

Drinking elephants, buffalo, antelopes and sometimes even lions or wild dogs, but above all colourful birds such as all kinds of kingfishers, rollers and bee-eaters form perfect objects for photography from a small boat on the water. As are the African Fish Eagle, waders and other waterfowl. Here, a small boat on the river can get you closer than anything else, and thereby provide you with unique photo opportunities. Pelicans in flight, surfing sea lions, or jumping dolphins are photography moments that you can encounter at sea. Rise to the challenge and capture these beautiful moments.


Landscape photography from an open helicopter

Taking photographs from a helicopter with an open cockpit is a unique experience. Landscape photographs taken with a short lens, as well as long distance shots of animals will have that something special that makes them unique. The spectacular view the helicopter provides is breathtaking. You’ll not only get fantastic photos you’ll get a thrilling adventure as well. To be able to freely take good photographs from a helicopter it is essential that its doors are removed. This of course is not standard practise but will be taken care of during the photography trip to Namibia.

Photography from the best hides

Hide photography is something completely different. Hides are especially constructed for photography of mammals, waterfowl, small birds, bee-eaters and vultures. These hides provide unique opportunities for both daytime and night time photography. Van Bommel Safaris can offer you choices to incorporate these special places into your tailor made safari. Would you like a guided photography trip or would you rather spend some time on your own in the various hides? Van Bommel Safaris can realise your wishes.


Join us on one of our outstanding  photo safaris and learn how to make world class wildlife pictures


Photo safari– Kenya Masai Mara

Kenyas Masai Mara: a 11-days  photo safari.

From a special equipped photographic game-drive vehicle you get to photograph the wildlife at Kenyas Masai Mara. The focus will be on big cats and the Migration of wildebeest and zebra. The tour in September has a maximum of 6(-8) people and guided by 2 photographers in 2 cars. So maximum of 3 photographing clients per vehicle (unless otherwise preferred by clients).

Water Dikkop

Photography tour – Zimanga

The best safari photography hides.

Zimanga is the very first game reserve in Africa that is completely tailored to photography. It has quite a few bird-hides and wildlife-hides, designed and build in cooperation with hide photography specialist Bence Mate.


Photo tour – Zambia

Wildlife different and non touristic.

The National Parks in Zambia are still non touristic wildlife areas. We are busy planning a photographic tour to Zambia in 2024. If you are interested please let us know.


Photo safari: Mashatu – Botswana

Photography trip Mashatu in Botswana.

A eight day photography safari in a special part of Botswana. Mashatu has great opportunities to photograph big cats, lots of elephants and general game. Especially in summer the landscape is stunning  with lots of flowers.


Photo tour Botswana – Okavango Delta

Photo safari Botswana: the Okavango Delta at its best.

A ten day photo safari in the very heart of the Okavango Delta. You will be staying in three different lodges situated in the best wildlife areas of the Okavango Delta.


Private Photographic Hosting

Join us for part of our private safari trips and we share all our knowledge with you.

Every year we travel a total of 3 to 4 months to Africa for safaris to the best and most special areas. If you want to know more about photography and/or maybe just visit some of the best safari areas, then join us at one of our journeys.

Join us on our photo safari to Kenyas Masai Mara!

From a special equipped photographic game-drive vehicle you get to photograph the wildlife at Kenyas Masai Mara. The focus will be on big cats and the Migration of wildebeest and zebra. We will have 2 vehicles with 1 Maasai guide, 1photographer and 3 guests per vehicle.

There are a few spectacular photo safari trips going to Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania. A number of short trips can also be combined or incorporated into a non-safari holiday to Africa. Contact us for exact dates, prices, and further details of the photography trips. There are photography safaris in every price range and for every budget. Each and every one of them well thought out, fully catered and under the guidance of the best photographers. But hurry, all trips only have a limited availability.

Because Van Bommel Safaris is not limited to working with just one photographer almost every wish a client has can be accommodated. By taking our client’s needs as our starting point we can find a tailor made solution to all his or her wishes.Next to our wide range of small scale group photo tours there is also the option of a private photography lesson during your safari journey. A professional photographer joins you in your game drive vehicle and literally looks over your shoulder when you use your camera. All secrets that safari photography holds will be revealed to you. Then, back at the lodge, the lesson will continue with a session of Photoshop / Lightroom. This is the most complete way to increase your knowledge and insight of photography.

All photos on this website are made by us

We want you to know that everything we show you is real.  All the photographs on this website are the result of our own private safari trips. Therefore this level of quality is what you may expect when you book a safari trip with us. A small sample from our photo collection: