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Zambia, pure wilderness for the experienced safari lover

Zambia is still undiscovered as a safari destination by mass tourism. It offers a number of remote national parks, which are amongst the finest safari destinations in the world. Meandering rivers, forests, and a rich wildlife are the key elements that make Zambia the fantastic safari country it is. If you are looking for a tailor made, adventurous safari with game drives, long hikes, or camping in the unspoiled wilderness, then Zambia could be your perfect safari destination.

Special safari areas in Zambia


Kafue met Busanga Plains, rugged, but with unique beauty

In Kafue National Park, Zambia’s oldest national park, it feels like time has stood still. There are hardly any tourists and the parks natural beauty is rugged and unspoiled. Busanga Plains lies in the northern region of Kafue. It is a marshy area with unparalleled beauty. Here you can observe rare wildlife such as herds of roan antelopes, sable antelopes, cranes and even the rare sitatunga or marsh buck. Here the lions too have adapted to the wetlands and mostly hunt lechwe. Busanga Plains is a unique safari destination, one of the most pristine places in safari Africa.

South Luangwa, the Big Cat Paradise

South Luangwa National Park should definitely feature in your tailor made Zambian Safari. Its enormous variety of animal life, make it one of the best safari wildlife areas. It’s a veritable paradise of the “Big Cats”. The meanders of the Luangwa River form the green heart of the park. During the dry season most animals can be seen concentrated alongside the river and the drying lagoons. Luangwa is the cradle of the walking safaris. A multiple day hiking safari, accompanied by specialist guides, is a unique and adventurous, well recommended experience.


Lower Zambezi, elephants galore

Lower Zambezi National Park, situated at the impressive Zambezi river, is characterised by its tranquillity, its beautiful landscapes and its abundant wildlife. Buffalo and vast herds of elephants can often be found at the riverside. Enjoy a game drive, make a hiking safari or take an adventurous canoe trip across the Zambezi river. Lower Zambezi offers you many different safari possibilities.

Victoria Falls is a UNESCO world heritage site

The Victoria Falls, the widest waterfalls in Africa are on the UNESCO world heritage list. They can be visited from either Zambia or Zimbabwe. Its splashing water can often be seen from afar. One of the most famous parts of the falls is the naturally formed “Armchair” also known as “the Devil’s Pool”. It lies close to the falls on Livingstone Island on the Zambian side of the falls. A visit to the “Falls” would complete any tailor made safari to this area.


Zambia offers unique tailor made safari opportunities


Not only game drives but also walking safaris

Make your tailor made Zambia safari even more adventurous; game drives, hiking safaris and sleeping in a tree house.

Driving in an open safari jeep you and your guide go looking for wildlife. In the safety of the car you can get really close and enjoy the beauty of wild animals at its fullest. Walking through the Bush with your guide you do not just look for game but also spend time learning about tracks, insects, trees and plants. Ultimately adventurous and romantic is spending the night under the stars in a tree house.


Your safari will concentrate itself around Zambia’s big rivers

Experience the most spectacular sunsets on the Zambezi river; a moment of serene tranquillity during your safari.

Enjoy the rushing rapids and magical sunsets. You will see crocodiles, hippos, many varieties of birdlife and maybe even elephants, which come to drink in the late afternoon. It offers you totally different points of view; even moments of serenity. The Kafue River too offers opportunities to enjoy a fantastic boat trip. All safari areas around the great rivers of Zambia and all the aquatic activities can be incorporated in your tailor made safari.


Experience the unspoiled vastness of Zambia in a balloon safari

Floating over Busanga Plains in a hot air balloon, an oasis of tranquillity

The balloon is filled before sunrise and then you will find yourself slowly rise above the seemingly endless Busanga Plains. During the balloon safari you can see lechwe, roan antelopes and elephants.

Zambia is a vast country and flying is often the best way to reach safari areas. A combination of road transports and local flights is another option. Your tailor made safari will be created to your specific likes and wishes.

Photographing Carmine Bee-Eaters in flight: an ultimate challenge

Zambia offers fantastic opportunities for wildlife photographers. Magical sunsets, leopards in the dark, or flying carmine bee- eaters: not always easy, by no means, but the ultimate challenge for a photographer.

The best time for your tailor made safari to Zambia

From June until the end of October is the dry season: there is less vegetation, the animals will trek to the river and are easier to spot. All lodges are open and the water level in Busanga Plains goes down so most of the region will be easier accessible. This is the best time for your tailor made Safari.

From November until March is the rainy season: many camps will be closed but in the Mfuwe district of South Luangwa you’ll find that many lodges will remain open. Kafue as well has got lodges that are open all year round. This is the quiet period and therefore price wise the most interesting.

Halfway the in-between (emerald) season the lodges in Lower Zambezi open up again and slowly all others follow.

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