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Botswana is the perfect country in Africa for those looking for near untouched nature, combined with the quiet restfulness due to the absence of mass tourism. It is therefore ideally suited for the real safari lover; an absolutely unique country. Van Bommel Safaris will tailor make your safari in Botswana to your wishes with knowledge out of own experience.
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Botswana is the perfect country in Africa for those looking for near untouched nature, combined with the quiet restfulness due to the absence of mass tourism. It is therefore ideally suited for the real safari lover; an absolutely unique country. Van Bommel Safaris will tailor make your safari in Botswana to your wishes with knowledge out of own experience

Botswana is featured by very dry and very wet areas: desert and water are nearly side by side. It is this contrast that makes the country unique. On one safari day you’ll ride an open game drive car looking for lions and leopards, the next day you may find yourself in a mokoro, gliding through the papyrus and reed beds, enjoying birdlife and the spectacular natural beauty surrounding you. As far away as possible from hectic day to day life. Varying water levels of the different seasons determine your safari experience. We would love to tell you more about the possibilities of a tailor make safari to this pristine country.

The most special safari areas in Botswana

Safari Botswana- Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta, the world’s largest inland river delta

A safari to Okavango Delta, the heart of Botswana’s near untouched nature, is incomparable to anything else. The water of the Okavango River flows out over the Kalahari desert. Knowledge about the  water level in the different areas of the Delta is all important for planning your safari trip. Reed beds, papyrus, and forests, combined with vibrant wildlife make it a unique ecosystem. Let yourself be carried away across the water in a mokoro, gliding through the reed beds, walk across an island with an experienced guide and feel yourself getting one with nature.

From the Chobe River one can spot huge herds of elephants

The largest population of elephant in Africa lives in Chobe National Park. During the dry season, late every afternoon, the animals go to the river. Seated on a boat on the river is the ideal way to watch these magnificent animals quenching their thirst at the river shore. Sometimes a herd of elephants crosses the river which inevitably leads to playful scenes. Chobe National Park is a veritable paradise for bird lovers and photographers as well. These safaris can take place both out of a lodge or from a houseboat.

Safari Botswana- Chobe- elephants
Safari Botswana- Mashatu- Leopard

Tuli Block, a safari wilderness with many extras….

Tuli Block has got everything a wilderness needs; It has wide landscapes, dry river beds with ancient majestic trees, and a richly varied wildlife. Bordering the Limpopo province of South Africa it lends itself very well to a tailor made South Africa Safari. Next to game drives there are also other safari options such as horse riding, mountain biking and walking safaris. Each and every one of these customised safari adventures brings you into real contact with this beautiful wilderness.

Savute, the swamp and the savannas feed the zebras during their migration

Savute is a remote and rugged part of the Chobe national Park. It houses a great mystery; the Savute Channel that floods and dries, seemingly independent of rainfall. The wet areas, such as Savute Marsh, attract many species of wildlife. Savute boasts a vast zebra migration; zebras trek from the nourishing rivers of the north to the vast grass plains in the south-western areas of the park.

Safari Botswana- Savute
Safari Botswana- Linyanti-wild dogs

Follow hunting wild dogs in Linyanti

Imagine yourself having an early morning shower at half past five when you hear your guide calling out the alarm; “Wild dogs in the camp! You’ve got two minutes to get into a vehicle!” Trust me, within two minutes everyone was in a safari vehicle. We were able to follow the dogs for well over two hours. An absolutely unforgettable safari experience. The near extinct wild dogs are the speciality of Linyanti. The dogs live in family groups called packs. They hunt in groups, chasing their prey and wearing them out. These dogs have an unbelievable stamina.

Khwai, a community region with a lot of wildlife

On the north-eastern side of the Okavango Delta, bordering the Moremi Game Reserve, lies the Khwai region. The floodplains of the Khwai River attract a lot of wildlife; Large numbers of lechwe, a species of swamp antelope, herds of elephants, and also wild dogs and leopards can frequently be spotted here. An exceptionally beautiful safari destination with loads of potential.

Safari Botswana- Khwai- Delta

Botswana offers unique safari opportunities

Safari Botswana- Okavango Delta

Observe wildlife on foot or on game drive

Would you prefer camping with a guide during your safari or rather stay at a lodge? We will tailor your safari to your needs and wishes.

Walking through the Delta with a specialised guide is a unique experience, but game drives too should be an integral part of your tailor made safari. Driving trough Botswana though, is not as easy as driving through for example South Africa. Some regions are easily accessible by car but in other regions deserts and water may severely limit self driving. In those areas flying in is the only available option. We are able to advise  you what is the best option for each region.

Safari Botswana- Okavango Delta-mokoro

Enjoying the Delta from a Mokoro

Gliding through papyrus and reed fields in a mokoro and enjoy the tranquillity and the beautiful natural scenery surrounding you.

The best way to enjoy Okavango Delta is from a mokoro, a small traditional canoe. Disembark every now and then and with your guide walk across some of he small islands you meet on your way. Colourful frogs, birds, lechwe and elephants are regular visitors to this biotope. You will find yourself in a totally different world. Around Chobe River as well there are many opportunities for water excursions. You can even stay overnight on a houseboat and then during the day from a smaller boat, observe wildlife as it comes to the riverside to quench its thirst.

Fly-in safari Botswana

A fly-in safari: reach he most beautiful spots

The heart of the Delta, the most beautiful ingredient of your tailor made safari trip, can only be reached by plane.

The most beautiful safari areas in the Okavango Delta lie in its heart. A fly-in safari is the only way to reach these areas and its lodges. The Linyanti, Savute and Khwai as well are easiest reached by small aeroplane. Experienced and specialised pilots will fly you from Maun or Kasane to any of the lodges.

Photo safari Botswana- Mashatu- leopard

Botswana safari: Mashatu

From an open game-drive jeep you get to photograph the wildlife at Mashatu. A nine day photo safari in a special part of Botswana. Mashatu has great opportunities to photograph big cats, lots of elephants and general game. In summer it is a beautiful area. A stay at Mashatu can be built in a tailor made trip to South Africa. Also for non-photographic partners this trip is excellent. January 2024 is sold out, but there are very special rates for January 2025 on request.

The best time for a tailor made safari to Botswana.


July to October is high season, nights are chilly but during the day it is pleasant and sunny. Animals trek to water and are easier to find. The elephants in Chobe go to the river daily to drink and to swim. The water in the Okavango reaches its highest level in these months, so animals concentrate on the small islands and the still dry areas.

In October temperatures rise.

From November until April it rains at times and then it cools down again: there are drinking spots everywhere and vegetation becomes denser which makes it harder to spot the wildlife. The Kalahari becomes green and fertile; attracting lots of antelopes. This is the best time for bird watching. This green season is definitely worth your while and price wise the most economic.

April to June is the emerald season, generally good for wildlife. The water in the Delta slowly rises again; reed frogs sing at their loudest. The Kalahari and Makgadikgadi as well are great places to visit during this season. Prices in this period too are relatively favourable.

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