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Have you ever watched a spectacular nature film shot in Africa and thought: “I wouldn’t mind seeing that for myself?” Would you like to experience that adventurous feeling but with the knowledge that it is safe and responsible? Would you like to be in a world where mankind is still in balance with nature? You can experience all that during a safari trip in Africa. Van Bommel Safaris specialises in safari trips to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

For every type of group a specially created tailor made safari!


An adventure, for just the two of you!

Wouldn’t it be grand? Just the two of you on safari. Enjoy your own private adventure; driving around in National Parks, or on safari in a private game reserve. Staying at small scale accommodations it is easy to make contact with others and meet new friends if you so wish. Even when you travel on your own, on safari you’re never lonely.


Travel with the whole family or with friends

On safari in Africa with your children?  We can arrange a comfortable, tailor made safari trip that is adventurous but still safe; a varied safari that is especially adapted for children. If you prefer to travel with a larger group of friends then we can find you small scale accommodation that you can book exclusively.


Join us for one of our unique group safaris

Van Bommel Safaris offers a host of small group photo safaris to various African safari countries. We work with other organisations that themselves offer exclusive, small scale group safari trips. Regularly we have costumers join us for part of our own private safari trips. These journeys are also well suited for non-photographing partners.

The best safari experience

The best safari experience

A safari game drive in an open safari jeep, accompanied by the best guides and trackers, sometimes even quietly following animals through the bush, is the best way to observe and admire animal life in Africa. It makes a safari one of he best adventures you could possibly experience.

Walking safaris; become one with nature

Walking safaris; become one with nature

Walking in a safari area with a guide by your side is a unique experience. It can be for a just a couple of hours or it can be a trip of a few days, whatever you feel you are up to. You’ll not only focus on large wildlife, but you can also learn about animal tracks, insects and plant life. Rise to the challenge and feel yourself become one with nature.
Photo Safari trips in Africa

Photo Safari trips in Africa

In cooperation with world class professional photographers we organise fantastic photography safaris to Africa. These trips are not only affordable but also suited for all levels of photographic proficiency and visit some of the best safari areas. These safaris are also well suited for non-photographing partners.
Eco training or a wildlife research project

Eco training or a wildlife research project

If you are interested in nature conservation and the African bush then you could join an eco-training programme. Although primarily meant for professionals, these courses are now also open to tourists. If you feel more inclined to do fieldwork with a conservation research team we could also arrange that for you.
Experience the coast or take a safari trip on the water

Experience the coast or take a safari trip on the water

Elephants drinking at the riverside, hippos, and the most colourful birds are even more impressive when seen from the river at a boat safari. But if you wish to be active in or around the water yourself, that too is possible. We can arrange safari tours with the possibilities of diving, snorkelling, or just sunbathing at the beach with or without activities with whales, dolphins or sea turtles.
Culture during your safari trip

Culture during your safari trip

If local culture is just your cup of tea, then Van Bommel Safaris can arrange it that you can get into contact with the indigenous people. An authentic (non-tourist) visit to the Himba people, discovering the hinterland of the Zulus, visiting a school or a hospital; Van Bommel Safaris has got the contacts to arrange it all.

Are you looking for the ultimate safari trip for a special occasion, or maybe just because you enjoy life?

There are as many ways as there are reasons to make a safari trip. Years of first hand experience in various safari countries guarantee our local knowledge and insight. First we listen to you, then we speak; that way we can create a tailor made safari tuned to your needs and wishes.

All advice we offer you is backed by years of first hand experience, gathered during years of travelling on safari in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Whenever needed we can call and rely upon a vast and trustworthy network of local expertise in Africa.

Van Bommel Safaris likes to work with small scale accommodation where you can really experience the local atmosphere and hospitality.

Van Bommel Safaris lets you experience the true Africa, its nature and its culture, the way that suits you best.

We are a transparent and affordable safari specialist for anyone wishing to make an individual, tailor made safari to eastern or southern Africa. Tailor made safaris need not be expensive. Booking a trip with Van Bommel Safaris is never more expensive than booking directly; in fact it is usually cheaper because wherever possible you can benefit from the reduced rates we can obtain.

Our safari trips are always tailor made because no two people are the same

After an extensive consultation, which focuses on your wishes and expectations, I get to work and without any obligation create a personal itinerary for you.

Ultimate Safari in South Africa and Botswana

The best safari areas in South Africa and Botswana combined with culture.

This self-drive brings you from Johannesburg to Madikwe, Marakele/Welgevonden, Tuli Block in Botswana, to the Soutpansberg where you’ll get the opportunity to get acquainted with the Venda culture, and then to the Krugerpark and/or Sabi Sands.

Private Safari Tanzania

Accompanied by a private guide, you’ll visit the best National Parks in Tanzania. .

You’ll be collected from the airport in Arusha by your private safari guide. He will bring you to all your accommodations or lodges and will tell you everything about the bush. You’ll get to visit Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti; a journey which would not be complete without a visit to the Maasai. Extra days in Zanzibar are optional.

Selfdrive Safari Namibia

Enjoy the magnificent red dunes of Namibia at your own pace during a sefdrive safari in Namibia.

This safari trip will take you from Windhoek to the Namib Desert National Park (Sossusvlei and Deadvlei), Swakopmund (desert- and sea experience), Damaraland (desert elephants) and finally to Etosha National Park. You’d do well to extend this trip with a visit to the Himba people in Northern Namibia..

South Africa: safari, culture and coast

A very varied self-drive South Africa journey with lots of activities, safari, culture and the beach.

From Johannesburg you’ll drive to Drakensberg, where you can hike or horse ride. You’ll also get to know more about the culture and history of South Africa. Afterwards you’ll be staying in private game reserves and/or national parks. Then drive to the unspoiled east coast of South Africa where you can enjoy a host of beach and sea activities. During the right season you’ll get to see whales or sea turtles. Via Swaziland you travel to the Kruger park. The fantastic final of this safari is a stay at Sabi Sand: “the leopard capital of the world”.

Adventurous Zambia safari

This adventurous safari trip in Zambia has got all the possibilities for unique safari game-drives and walking safaris

From Lusaka you’ll fly to Mfuwe where you will be awaited by your guide. You’ll stay in two different lodges in South Luangwa from where you can enjoy a game drive and/or a walking safari. Ultimately adventurous and romantic is an overnight stay under the stars in a tree house at the banks of the Luangwa river. This journey can ideally be extended with a visit to Kafue, Lower Zambezi, or Victoria Falls.

We know the best areas where to see wildlife

To be able to provide a good and substantiated safari advice it is indispensable to have a thorough knowledge of animal behaviour. Seasonal changes have an impact on where the animals are most likely to be and how easy they are to spot. The use of a good tracker of course can also make a great difference. Still, nobody can guarantee that you get to see all the animals that you had hoped to see, but with my knowledge of the characteristics of the various areas you’ll have the best realistic opportunities to get the most out of your safari.

Years of experience in safari Africa are the foundation of an in-depth knowledge of the various safari areas.

You do not have to rely on sheer luck; a few days in the right area gives you the best chance to see what you were looking for.

All photographs on this website are from our own collection (©vanbommelsafaris) and are made by us during one of our many private trips to Safari Africa.